In the studio, where a new garden design begins

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It all starts with an idea. Sometimes the garden is a blank canvas, sometimes there are special elements already in the garden that need to be retained such as an old tree or historic feature. In some gardens there may not be a need to redesign the whole space, perhaps the planting has just been neglected and needs bringing back to life. Once we start having conversations about how the space is working and what is wanted from the space we can start to develop a brief for the project. After a survey of the garden, we can begin to put ideas onto paper. The garden can be explored through zoning, exploring how different 'rooms' in the garden can work. An area for play, for entertaining, a quiet space to enjoy the evening sun, even a kitchen garden. This is unique for every garden, and takes into account the soil type, shade and views in and out of the garden.

As all these elements are considered, a layout can be explored though drawings which allow ideas to be tested and help to express how the garden will work and feel. Details of the planting will show the mood of the new garden, the style, and how it feels to be in the garden.

This is the exciting part, the opportunity to get a sense of what it will be like to be in the new garden. Once the new design is agreed, the works can commence and the real transformation begins.

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