Design Process

We work closely with you to create your perfect garden

A successful design is achieved through a detailed and holistic design process, which is implemented in a number of stages detailed below:

Initial Consultation

Conversations at this stage will explore how you would like to use the garden and if there is a particular style or feel you would like to create. Early discussions will also establish the project budget, and key requirements of the resulting design, such as what activities the garden will need to facilitate, and any specific user requirements that need to be integrated.

Site Analysis

A comprehensive survey of the site is undertaken in order to ascertain important design considerations such as soil condition, topographical measurements and site specific characteristics.

Design Development

Preliminary design ideas and conceptual plans are presented to each client in the form of hand drawn sketches, 3D models and a draft masterplan. These ideas are then developed until everybody is happy with each aspect of the design.

Design Presentation

Conceptual plans are further developed to create a final masterplan accompanied by visualisations of the design. These documents are presented to our clients for their approval of the design.

Design Construction

A design detail pack is produced containing industry standard construction details and design specifications. These are created using computer software, which allows the design to be accurately interpreted on site. Assistance is given with all aspects of the construction phase, including liaising with contractors and project monitoring.


Planting Design

If you don't need a full garden design we can help bring your existing borders to life. With careful plant selection the garden could be transformed, providing interest throughout the year. 

Planting is our passion, we work with trusted nurseries to supply you with the best plants, specifically chosen to thrive in the growing conditions in your garden. 

If you would like help with growing your own produce or getting on top of your garden we are always happy to help with any gardening advice and can even create a personalised month by month jobs calendar based around your garden. 


Create and Maintain

Working closely with you from conception to construction we can bring your new garden to life. 


Where necessary we work alongside other professionals to complete all the elements of your new garden. 


A bespoke maintenance schedule will be provided on the completion of the garden. This will detail how to ensure your new planting establishes well and how to keep it performing in future years. 

We can help maintain your garden, making regular or seasonal visits caring for your garden or offering advice.